Used for structuring and presenting the content on world wide web.On modern websites HTML5 reflects a typical usages becauses HTML5 intoduces Elements and Attributes.


Android is the name of mobile operating system. Mainly uses java to create an app. It is not just an os but also middleware and key application.

Basic HTML & CSS

Html is a markup language for describing web documents and their documents describe by html tags & css is a style sheet language used for describing presentation of documents.

PHP & Mysql

Php is open source general purpose scripting languages specialy suited for web development The best things in using PHP are that it is very simple for a everyone, but offers many advanced features for a professional programmer.


This is a free and open source content management system. wordpress is the most popular blogging system now a days, which covers at least 60 millions of website today.


Css is a style sheet language used for describing presentation of documents. Css3 is latest version of Css and present some new concept like media queries and namespaces.

CODEIGNITOR or Yii Framework

Both are the advance platform to build a website by using object oriented concept. Base language for both the framework is same and that is Php.


Bootstrap is free and open source front end library for websites and web applications This is a front end web framework that is an interface for users.


Javascript is best known as the scripting language for web pages but also used in many non browser environment. It is also a lightweight and object oriented language.